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Teaching about sex and sexuality can be challenging, but the benefits for your students make the challenge worth the effort ( Sexual health education is about more than preventing sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and unplanned pregnancy. All children need age-appropriate lessons that give them the knowledge and skills to make healthy decisions as they grow. Effective sexual health education includes content on healthy relationships, communication skills, understanding your personal and family values, human development and reproduction, and tolerance.


Choosing a Lesson Plan

To achieve the best results, we encourage you to implement an evidence-based, comprehensive sexual health curriculum (

We highly recommend lesson plans from the SIECUS Sex Ed Library (, many of which teachers can easily implement in their classrooms. We especially like the FLASH ( lesson plans from Seattle-King County Public Health.

The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy ( also has a database of programs shown to delay the initiation of sex, improve contraceptive use, and/or decrease teen pregnancy (including secondary pregnancy/births).


Professional Development

Answer ( provides online training and support for teachers to comfortably and effectively provide sexual health education. Teachers can earn professional credits ( from the ETR Associates Resource Center for Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention (ReCAPP).

Advocates for Youth ( builds the capacity of schools and other youth-serving agencies to provide comprehensive sexual health education.


Community Assessment of Sexual Health and Sexuality Services in Greater Richmond

In April 2013, VLPP created an assessment of sexual health and education services offered in the Greater Richmond area. This assessment can be used as a tool to inform organizations about best practices and current trends and to coordinate programs in a way that both makes efficient use of resources and makes the greatest impact on the community. 


Greater Richmond Reproductive and Sexual Health Coalition

The Greater Richmond Reproductive and Sexual Health Coalition is a group of organizations that are committed to providing high quality and effective reproductive and sexual health services and education. If you are interested in joining, please contact



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