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The Virginia League for Planned Parenthood Education Program collaborates with local nonprofit organizations, schools, churches, and community centers to offer research-based curricula to teens and young adults in the Greater Richmond area. VLPP is committed to reducing unintended pregnancy, preventing sexually transmitted infections, and promoting healthy relationships among youth in the community and empowering them to make healthy decisions. A few of the curricula we offer are listed below:

All Together Now—This five session curriculum was developed by the Planned Parenthood Federation of America and emphasizes pregnancy prevention, STI prevention, condom use, contraception, decision making, and accessing sexual health services. All Together Now also includes optional follow-up activities to do with a trusted adult after each session. This curriculum can be used in single sex or co-ed groups. Research on this curriculum shows statistically significant increases in knowledge about contraceptives, the ability to use condoms consistently and correctly, and greater intention to use family planning services.

All Together Now + Safe DatesSafe Dates is a research-based, intimate partner violence prevention program for teens. Safe Dates aims to increase awareness about healthy and unhealthy relationships and gives participants the skills they need to develop healthy relationships and to help friends who are in abusive relationships. Research has found that Safe Dates reduces intimate partner victimization and perpetration by 56-92%. When paired with All Together Now, this series also includes information about pregnancy prevention, STI prevention, condom use, contraception, decision making, and accessing sexual health services.

Streetwise to Sex-Wise: Sexuality Education for High-Risk YouthStreetwise to Sex-Wise is a comprehensive model of basic sexuality education for high-risk teens. It applies research-based methodology of sexuality education to teens in non-traditional learning settings. All lessons are simple, concrete, and actively involve group members in the learning process. The lessons extend beyond factual information to also address attitudes, values, and skills. Experts find that this approach is more likely to lead to positive behavior change in young people. This curriculum can be used in single sex or co-ed groups. Evaluation of this curriculum shows increases in knowledge of pregnancy and STI prevention, ability to resist sex, and increased intention to use condoms and access family planning services.

Family Life and Sexual Health (FLASH): High School and Special Education Versions—FLASH is designed to encourage youth to make healthy choices: abstain longer, use protection if they do have sex, seek health care when they need it, communicate effectively with their families and with their partners and health care providers, seek help for sexual abuse, treat others with respect (not harass or exploit them), and stand up to harassment and exploitation. Based on Social Learning Theory literature, FLASH lessons include a variety of strategies designed to help students choose and succeed in these behaviors.

VLPP also offers single-session informational workshops on a variety of topics, including:

  • Contraception

  • Sexually Transmitted Infections


  • Abstinence

  • Gender Roles

  • Friendship

  • Healthy Relationships

  • Relationship Violence

  • Communicating with your Partner

  • How to Talk with your Kids about Sex

  • Overview of the Virginia League for Planned Parenthood

If you are interested in hosting a workshop, partnering to offer research-based curricula, or if need technical assistance (go to sub-navigation, “Tools for Educators”) as you prepare to teach your own, please contact our Education Department at

Centering Pregnancy


The Virginia League for Planned Parenthood partners with the Richmond City Health District to implement Centering Pregnancy (, an evidence-based ( innovative model of group prenatal care shown to improve birth outcomes. Women who participate in Centering® are also happier with their prenatal care because they have more time with their provider, feel better prepared for labor, delivery, and caring for their newborns, and enjoy friendships with other mothers in group. Program participants are also more likely to deliver healthy birthweight babies at term and to initiate breastfeeding. Our Centering Pregnancy Program has been an Approved Centering Site since 2013.

For more information about Centering Pregnancy at Richmond City Health District, please visit or contact our Centering Pregnancy® Program Manager at

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