College students get involved! Join Vox on campus!

College students are making their voices heard throughout the whole state! Raise your voice, make it heard, be an activist!

Want info to join or start up Vox® on your campus? Contact or call 801-532-1586.

Our Vox® student groups in Utah are part of a nation-wide Vox® network mobilizing young prochoice Americans to write to their elected officials, register voters, and organize community events on and off campus. Meet your likeminded peers. Make new friends. Connect with your community through Vox®.

Vox® students have been:

  • Educating students on reproductive health and rights.
  • Working in alliance with Planned Parenthood to support the goals and mission of our organization.
  • Collaborating with local organizations and student groups on campus.
Register to Vote! Make your voice louder! 

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