Environment and Reproductive Health

Recently, issues related to the interactions between the environment and health, specifically reproductive health, have been getting attention in the media as well as in scientific and medical literature. As a result, your patients may have more concerns and will turn to you for information and guidance about these issues. The organizations and Web sites listed below provide information that will be helpful to clinicians interested in gaining a better understanding of environmental reproductive health. They discuss interactions between environmental factors and reproductive health and suggested ways of limiting exposure to environmental factors of concern.

Chemicals of concern emitted by building materials in facilities affect:

  • The health and productivity of staff
  • The healing environments for patients and visitors
  • Our communities and planet.

Lifecycle emissions from the extraction, production, use, and disposal of the materials, up and down stream, affect health care system members/patients, visitors, staff, and the larger community’s health in their homes, offices, and at play.

Imagine a world with less cancer, more justice, lower rates of asthma, cleaner air, fewer babies born with birth defects, abundant and safe drinking water, a decrease in the number of couples facing infertility, healthy products on every store’s shelves and a government that works to protect all people and all living things. And imagine women leading the way to that world.

This website gives you the tools and information you need to get started in making this vision a reality. It explains ways that our health can be affected by environmental contaminants and offers ideas of how to make changes around your home and in your community so we can live in a healthier world.

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