Building Sustainability: responsible choices for now and the future


The Utah Valley Clinic in Orem is the first Platinum LEED certified building in Utah County. This clinic serves as a model for the relationship with beauty, function and environmental responsibility.

We believe that an agency wide emphasis on going green will take all our clients one step closer to thinking about what they can do to “live in peace with our planet.” The Orem facility gives high priority to respecting the physical environment and serves as inspiration to build green, advance our knowledge of sustainable design and living, and communicate the importance of population stabilization for our long-term environmental sustainability.

Stabilization in the population brings about long-term environmental sustainability, and is a driving force behind some of today’s most serious problems, including climate change and higher energy costs.

We invite you to join us and other PPAU advocates to support our campaign. As a unifying force, we have the power to provide quality health care, to build our movement, to transform society and to work toward partnership across communities.

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