Stand with Texas Women

Get Inspired, Take Action: check out a short list of nine incredible things that have happened in this Texas battle for women's health, and sign the petition to Stand with Texas Women.

What's at Stake: Proposed legislation in Texas includes several extreme restrictions on access to abortion, which would amount to virtually banning safe and legal abortion in the state. It's estimated that 36 of the state's 42 abortion providers could be forced to shut down if this passes, including health centers that also provide lifesaving cancer screenings and birth control. Once again, politicians are making decisions that should be left to women and their doctors.

Politicians are Not Representing Voters: Two-thirds of Texans don't want these restrictions to pass, just as more than two-thirds of Americans want abortion to be safe and legal. But legislators are not reflecting the views of their constituents. Just as in New York, where a strong majority of voters favored passage of a Women's Equality Act that included abortion protections, the state legislature refuses to reflect those opinions in policy. The fight in Texas has struck a nerve for people all over the country  this isn't about one bill or about one state  it's about unrelenting attacks across the country (700-plus bills in 42 states in the last few months), and people rising up to say, enough is enough.

We Have Power: Wendy Davis demonstrated her power as she stood and talked for eleven hours in opposition to the package of legislation proposed in Texas. Now, people all across the country are energized and fired up, and feeling the power they have to literally force politicians to hear our voices and stop passing these dangerous bills. There are other Wendy Davises in every state, and what happened in Texas will give them the strength and confidence to speak out, knowing that the public is standing with them. Use social media and email to speak out about Texas and also about the failure of our own state legislature to update state laws to ensure safe access to abortion in the Women's Equality Act.

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