A Message from UHPP CEO/President Chelly Hegan

Planned Parenthood is one of the most trusted names in women's health care.

This election season, politicians who openly opposed access to critical women’s health care did so at their own peril. However, even November’s exciting political wins won’t change what is now the new normal.

This new normal is where parents and teens agree that honest, accurate, age-appropriate sex education is needed in our schools, while small groups of politically motivated parents fight to preserve abstinence-only education. The new normal is where affordable, non-judgmental care is harder and harder for women with low incomes to access, while politicians across the nation work to eliminate Planned Parenthood as a provider in their communities. Normal has become the continuous introduction of radical legislation focusing on limiting women’s ability to make decisions for themselves about birth control and pregnancy, while handing control of the conversations that women have with their doctors over to politicians.

If you are worried that fighting these fights will wear us down, or keep us from providing essential health care, don’t! Upper Hudson Planned Parenthood’s amazing staff comes to work every day to take care of women, men and teens in the only way that makes sense – providing exceptional, non-judgmental care. They work tirelessly for women, like the 50-year-old grandmother who finally decided to take her own health seriously after decades of taking care of other people. The patient was shocked when Nora, a Physician Assistant at our Albany health center, found a tumor in her breast. Patient Services staff contacted breast surgeons and specialists and arranged care for her that day. They also worked with agencies that cover the cost of cancer treatment to ensure this woman got the care she needed.

Our staff like Mary, a Nurse Practitioner at our Troy health center, who the YWCA of the Greater Capital Region named a 2012 Resourceful Woman, talks with teens about birth control and STIs. The conversation often begins with a teen asking, “So, is it true that…” or, “I’m not sure if this is normal, but…”

To fully participate in all that our community has to offer, people must be able to protect their health and to decide whether and when to become parents. This is the key to healthy families, healthy communities, and a better New York State.

It is because Upper Hudson Planned Parenthood’s work is so important to our patients and our staff that I am writing this, to ask for your support. Please make the most generous donation to Upper Hudson Planned Parenthood that you can manage. We are counting on you once again to ensure that UHPP does what we do best: providing care…no matter what.

Chelly Heegan, UHPP CEO/President
Chelly Hegan
President/CEO, Upper Hudson Planned Parenthood

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