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Got questions? Our health center staff is always ready to answer them, but if you're looking for some quick info online, these are a few great places to start.

  • Info For Teens: Itís Planned Parenthoodís website specifically for young people, addressing common questions on sexual health issuesósometimes even directly, like in the Q&A section, ďAsk the ExpertsĒ, where you can submit a question online. Not everyone gets a response, but you can always look through past questions and their answers, and you might find yours there already. 
The national Planned Parenthood organization also has a huge database of information on sexual health topics, from birth control and STDs, to body image and sexual orientation. Click here to browse topics or take their interactive quizzes on birth control options, STD testing, and when itís time to take a pregnancy test
  • MTVís Itís Your (Sex) Life: This website has tons of articles and videos about sexual health questions, talking about sex, protection methods, pregnancy, STDs and many other topics. They also have a special section called GYT (Get Yourself Tested) thatís totally dedicated to the topic of STD testing and STD risks and testing. Did you know 1 in 2 sexually active young people will get an STD by age 25? Find out how to get tested and stay safe here.
  • GoAskAlice: Columbia Universityís Health Q&A Internet Service, with a huge database of good answers to common, hard-to-ask questions.
  • Scarleteen: A sexual-health Q&A forum, and info by topic.
  • Sex Etc.: Sex ed by teens, for teens

Sometimes a website just isnít enoughóand for those times, we have a great team of educators and medical staff available to help. Our teen textline, ICYC (In Case You're Curious), will get an answer to your question from a Planned Parenthood sexual health educator within 24 hours (ICYC is free and confidentialóclick here for details). And at our Teen Clinics (which take place at our Albany and Hudson Health Centers on Thursdays, from 2:30-6pm) our trained S.T.A.R.S. peer-educators lead reproductive-health-themed games, and field questions while you wait to be seen by a doctor or nurse. But you donít have to be a patient to stop by and ask a question or pick up a grab-bag of condoms and info pamphlets. And anytime you need specific medical advice, our medical staff is here to consider your concerns and help you address them. Call (518) 434-5678 to reach our Albany, Hudson or Troy Health Centers. You can also click here to request an appointment online, or check out our FAQ on coming in for a visit for further details.

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