GYT: Get Yourself Tested

The CDC estimates 19 million new cases of STDs occur each year. If you're sexually active, there's only one way to make sure you haven't been one of them—get yourself tested.

Getting tested is easy—you can request an appointment with UHPP by clicking here, or click here to find the contact info for the center nearest to you. It's quick, and painlessclick here to download a PDF on common STDs, symptoms (remember, lots don't have any), testing and treatment methods, and costs. And it can even be freeclick here to find out about the free insurance program we sign eligible people up for in our health centers. Has the Rest
Want to warm up with a quiz before your test? Nervous about talking to your health care provider about getting tested? Trying to figure out how to bring it up with your partner? Have a whole bunch of questions about STDs you wish you could get answered without having to say them out loud? Then is the place to go. They have tips on getting the conversation going, a FAQ on STD details, contests, videos, you name it. They even have GYT promotion toolkits, so you can help encourage others to get tested after you do. So if you haven't already, GYT today!

FREE Emergency Contraception

Pick up a pack of EC (aka "the morning after pill") at UHPP for FREE, no appt needed for ages 17+.

The HPV Vaccine

You need it. We provide it to women aged 19-26 for free.

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