Write a Letter to the Editor

The local newspaper is important. Not only do the opinion pages help formulate public opinions, but many lawmakers read the paper to gauge what the public thinks. If your opinion isn't represented, it might be ignored.

If you are tired of seeing sexual and women’s health misrepresented by the mainstream media, you can do something about it.  The next best thing to a pro-choice article is a pro-choice letter to the editor.  Your opinion matters - write a letter to the editor to bring positive attention to Planned Parenthood and its issues.  The Enquirer runs them all the time!

Not sure how to start?  We can help! Email for more information,  and we'll send you an information packet, complete with a manual, how to's, talking points and tips and tricks.  You'll be on your way to creating change in our community, 150 words at a time.

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