Sexuality Education Empowers Communities

Sexuality Education Empowers Communities (SEEC) is a comprehensive sexuality program which focuses on the development of informed and responsible decision-making skills.

The goal of SEEC is to equip youth with the knowledge and skills they need to delay the onset of sexual involvement and to reduce the risks associated with early sexual activity such as sexually transmitted infections and teenage pregnancy.

The SEEC program works with youth to assure they have the skills and information necessary to become happy, healthy, and sexually responsible adults.

Topics Covered

The series consists of ten 1-hour sessions. Topics include:

  • abstinence
  • human growth and development
  • healthy relationships
  • gender roles
  • sexual identity and biases
  • contraception
  • prevention of sexually transmitted infections
  • HIV/AIDS prevention
  • teen pregnancy prevention
  • peer pressure resistance skills
  • media awareness
  • sexual decision making skills.

Program Rationale

The SEEC program focuses on three concepts that have been identified as changing attitudes and behaviors of teens.
  • First, abstinence from sexual activity or the refusal of unprotected sexual intercourse are the only responsible choices for teenagers.
  • Second, complete and medically accurate information is essential for responsible sexual behavior.
  • Third, effective communication skills regarding abstinence and refusing unwanted sexual activity contribute to responsible sexual behavior.

Target Audience

The program serves at-risk youth of Montgomery, Greene, and Miami Counties.

SEEC is available to social service agencies, schools, foster care agencies, and juvenile detention facilities.

It can also be adapted to serve as supplemental programming for health classes in upper elementary, middle, and high schools.

Scheduling A Program

To schedule the SEEC program, call 513-824-7818.

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