Family Planning Services - Ohio Medicaid

For uninsured Ohio residents, your birth control and STI testing may be covered under a Medicaid program that extends to almost half of the population. Use this page to see if you qualify and download the application.

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Documents You'll Need


Residency Requirement

You must be an Ohio resident and an American citizen to enroll in the program.


Click here for more information about qualifying incomes.


How do I apply?

Send your completed application and other required documents to your county Department of Job and Family Services and they'll enroll you.

What will happen once I've applied?

Your application will be processed and, if approved, you should receive a Medicaid insurance card within 30 days of applying, though some counties take longer.  That card will be valid at all Medicaid providers who offer family planning.

If there's a problem with your application, you may be contacted by the Department of Job and Family Services to finish the application.  They may also contact you about enrolling in other programs for which you may qualify.

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