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What's a LARC?: Communicating About Contraception & STIs
April 21 (Cincinnati), April 29 (Springfield)

This workshop will address the most prevalent STIs, as well as the most effective methods of contraception known as long-acting reversible contraception (LARC). In addition, participants will examine best practices for communicating about prevention.

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Ladies Puberty Retreat
May 3, 2014

This retreat will enable young women and their caregiver to discuss the physical and emotional changes of puberty more effectively, build trust and communication, share experiences, and increase understanding of each other.


Strategies for Growing Healthy Teens
May 9 (Cincinnati) & May 13 (Dayton)

This program is designed to help professionals embrace a new view of sexuality education, one that is effective in empowering teens to postpone sexual involvement and to protect themselves from disease and pregnancy when they do become sexually active.

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Looking for Love: Exploring Teen-Adult Relationships
May 23, 2014 (Dayton)

Our education department will host a workshop in Dayton, Ohio, to examine the serious issue of teens dating adults. This interactive workshop will offer a framework for prevention and will provide professionals with the knowledge, skills and tools needed to become part of the solution.

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It's Not Too Late: Aging & Sexuality
June 23 (Cincinnati) & June 25 (Springfield)

Many life changes require people to develop new expectations for their sexual lives. This program encourages participants to identify the issues that confront them, re-think their old scripts, and consider how to create new and positive ways of being sexual as they age.

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Responsible Sexuality Education Institute: Core Competency Program
August 5 - 7, 2014 (Mason)

This three-day intensive course is designed to help professionals develop the fundamental skills necessary to provide accurate and age-appropriate sexuality education to diverse populations of youth.

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