Teen Advocates for Sexual Health (TASH)

Ignorance Is Nobody’s Ally

To improve the sexual health of St. Louis area teens



Program Description: 
Teen Advocates for Sexual Health (TASH) is a group of approximately 30-40 teens (grades 9-12) representing diverse backgrounds from the greater St. Louis Metropolitan Area. TASH creates, develops, plans and implements programs that move toward a greater understanding and appreciation of healthy sexuality based on teen rights, respect and responsibility. TASH teaches/trains teens about sexual health and sexuality and how to be advocates in their communities.

TASH students will achieve this mission by:
• Developing an understanding diversity and its impact on sexual health outcomes.
• Creating a common language around issues of sex, sexuality, sexual health, diversity, advocacy and public policy
• Understanding privilege, oppression and power contribute to one’s ability to access information, resources and services
• Becoming agents for positive change
• Learning what it means to be an advocate
• Knowing one’s power to create change and influence public policy
•Learning correct sexual health information to be useful messengers for sexual health

Major Long Term Goals of TASH’s:
• To promote open, honest, and respectful talk about sex, sexuality, and sexual health between adults and teens
• To make sure that teens receive school based sex education that is correct and complete, and is taught by trained professionals

Join TASH 
TASH recruitment starts before each new school year. 

We are currently accepting applications for 2013-2014. Fill out an application here below or for more information please contact us at (under 18, parental permission required to participate) or call (314) 531-7526 ext. 339.

TASH was the recipient of the 2007 Generation-to-Generation Sex Educator Award sponsored by Choice USA. In 2008, the group won a recognition award from Faith Aloud for their work on comprehensive sex education. Congratulations TASH!

Travel bugs all around, three TASH students traveled to Washington D.C. in 2007, and two students were able to go to Texas in 2009 to meet with other like-minded teens and discuss how to ensure a sexually healthier future for all youth. Want to join TASH? Fill out the application below!


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