Surgery-free, hormone-free, permanent birth control for women

When your family is complete, Essure is a great option for permanent birth control.

To use Essure, a health care provider puts a tiny insert called a microinsert into each of the fallopian tubes. Once in place, the inserts cause natural tissue to grow, blocking the tubes.

During the procedure, the health care provider uses local anesthesia to numb the cervix. You may be offered other medication to help you relax and reduce your discomfort. Some women report mild to moderate pain while the inserts are being placed. A small, rigid, tube-like instrument called a hysteroscope is inserted into the vagina and through the cervix. The inserts are placed in the opening of the tubes.

Essure is not effective right away. Three months after insertion, a special x-ray is performed to make sure the tubes are fully blocked. You must use another form of birth control until then, or you may get pregnant.
Essure offers some advantages over other methods of sterilization:

  • The procedure is safer than methods that require an incision.
  • General anesthesia is not needed.
  • A surgical setting is not needed.
  • Recovery is faster some women return to normal activities the same day.

With Essure, no incisions are necessary. So you won't have any visible scars.

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