EMR Implementation

Electronic Medical Records are now being used at SRPP

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Will my medical records be secure and confidential?

Yes.  Our EMR system is just as secure as online banking.

2.  How will my visit to SRPP change?

Check-in staff, clinic assistants, and clinicians will use computers to update your medical records, rather than using bulky paper charts.  You might see your provider using a laptop or other computer workstation during your visit rather than writing things down on paper.

3.  How will EMR help me?

EMR makes it easier for doctors and clinics to share information that is necessary for your medical treatment.  Providers will still need to get your permission before sharing any of this information; however, when you DO authorize it, it will be faster and easier, getting you the care you need, faster.

Staff will have more time to spend with patients - not looking for files and charts. It's easy to see how this will benefit you as a patient.

4.  I have concerns about this new EMR implementation.  How can I get my questions answered?

Just call our clinic at 707-442-5700.  Our friendly staff will answer whatever questions you may have.  If you have questions they can't answer, they'll refer you to someone who can.

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