STD Testing & Treatment

New! Planned Parenthood is now offering same day STD test results - available only at the Southeast Clinic and arrival must be before 10:30 a.m. Call the Southeast Clinic (2346 E. Southcross Blvd.) at 210-333-5454 for more information.

Planned Parenthood offers "Peace of Mind" STD testing and treatment. STD testing is an important way to protect your health.  Most people who have STDs have no signs of infection, but permanent damage can still be happening. Be proactive and get tested. STD testing is available at all of our clinic locations. Testing is quick and pain free.

Planned Parenthood is here to help. We've got the answers to your questions about whether you need an STD test. If you need to learn more about STD testing, Planned Parenthood can provide you with patient education.

Please click here to read more about "STDs - Infections Spread Through Sex."

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