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Bilingual Education/ Promotora Program

Bilingual education is delivered through the Habla Con Tu Hermana Program (Talk to Your Sister). A Promotora (Community Health Worker) is a trained community member who delivers community-based health education to their network of friends and family.


Habla Con Tu HermanaSM  



(Talk to Your Sister) is a community health program designed for adult, Hispanic women from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. Education sessions are delivered from a trained promotora (Community Health Worker). Promotoras can offer education sessions in English or Spanish and ask for a group size of 5 individuals or more. Promotoras provide information about family planning, sexual & reproductive health and are trained as peer educators to provide support and referrals for services. Promotoras also attend health fairs and community events.  


Habla Con Tu Hermana hosts several "Clinica Festival" events throughout the year. A "Clinica Festival" includes a health fair held at a Planned Parenthood clinic's storefront and an opportunity to receive health care services. Community members who participate in education classes with a promotora are encouraged to attend a "Clinica Festival" at the Planned Parenthood clinic closest to them. 


Promotoras can provide presentations on a range of topics, including:  

  • Anatomy and Reproduction
  • How to Talk to Your Kids about Sex and Responsibility
  • Reducing the Risk of Pregnancy and Sexually Transmitted Diseases
  • The Menstrual Cycle and Feminine Hygiene
  • Explaining Pap & Pelvic Exam
  • Breast Health and Self Exams
  • Birth Control and Family Planning


For more information or to schedule a presentation, please contact (210) 736-2244 and ask for the Habla Con Tu Hermana program.



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