2013 Lunch with Jeffrey Rosen

Lunch with Jeffrey Rosen was dedicated to Carol Harris, Ruth McLean Bowman Bowers and Shirley Klein Markey as a heartfelt tribute to three dearly missed friends. This annual fundraiser raised over $330,000 for life-saving preventive healthcare.

920 supporters of the Planned Parenthood Trust of South Texas came together in San Antonio on May 23 for ‘Lunch with Jeffrey Rosen.’ Rosen, the “nation’s most widely read and influential legal commentator” discussed the Supreme Court and the future of justice in the US.

The future of Roe was a major theme, and Mr. Rosen shared his thoughts on how medically unnecessary regulation of abortion (especially in states like Texas), might be considered an "undue burden” and thus predicate a new review and ruling by the Supreme Court on abortion rights. Watch Mr. Rosen’s presentation in full below.


Dear Friends,

Thank you, everyone, who made Lunch with Jeffrey Rosen on May 23, 2013 such a great success. I love our Luncheon for so many reasons, but I want to mention two of those reasons here. 

First, I love seeing the Planned Parenthood supporters assembled together. We are a collection of intelligent and compassionate people who share strong values about family, parenting, pregnancy and women’s rights. We share a concern for this planet, our communities in South Texas, and what sort of future will beat hand for the generations who follow us. It is always an honor to be in your company.

Second, the Planned Parenthood Luncheon is an intelligent afternoon that rises above the common experience. I love being enriched by our inspiring guest speakers, and Jeffrey Rosen was another terrific experience.

Once again I want to thank Dr. Dudley Harris and his wife, the late Carol Harris, our Honorary Chairs for this year’s event. To have Carol’s enthusiastic support for our work at Planned Parenthood throughout her lifetime is indeed an honor. Dudley shares that same dedication. You will likely recall Dudley’s beautiful handmade bowls that he and Carol brought to the 2012 Luncheon. And thank you, Marilyn Harrington, for chairing the steering committee. Bravo!

This year’s Luncheon was a bit later in the year, the end of May, and next year’s Luncheon is a bit earlier in the year, March 24, 2014. That means we are only 10 months away from LUNCH WITH DIANE KEATON!!! This will be a fantastic event for all of the reasons you and I have come to expect. But it will be a sensation because Ms. Keaton has agreed to develop a unique presentation for us, the theme of which will be parenthood and parenting, and we are told that it will include a couple of clips from her films. Tables will become available to the general public on September 1, and I expect they will sell out immediately.  Sponsors of the 2013 Luncheon, have the opportunity to secure your table beginning June 1. Make your plans now and be in touch with Angela Koester as soon as you can. 

And if you needed another reason to be at the 2014 Luncheon, we will also be marking 75 years of service in South Texas. Onward!

Jeffrey Hons
President & CEO

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