Teen Peer Educators

What's a Teen Peer Educator?
Only the coolest teens in town!  PPSP Peer Educators learn all about sexuality from experts!  They get to talk with kids their age about important stuff like abstinence, condoms, birth control and STIs.  Peer educators teach classes, talk to school boards, host events, and get to kick it with PPSP's health educators and case managers.  There are a few different Peer Education groups at PPSP in Contra Costa, Napa and Solano Counties - if you want to get involved contact the Community Services and Education Department at 925/676-0505 or    

In Napa:

  • ASK (Advocating Sexuality Knowledge)
  • SHUSH (St. Helena Upholds Sexuality and Health)  

In Vallejo:

  • SAFE (Sex Advocates For Everyone)
  • THC (Teen Health Club)

In Contra Costa:

  • YESS (Youth Educating about Safer Sex)
  • Promotres

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