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Resources for Schools/Educators 

Planned Parenthood Shasta Pacific offers a variety of resources for schools and other educators including information tables, classes/presentations and sexual responsibility assemblies. 

PPSP has memoranda of understanding (MOUs) with most of the school districts in our communities of service.  Health educators provide age appropriate, medically accurate sexuality education that meets statewide requirements as defined by SB 71 (California Comprehensive Sexual Health and HIV/AIDS Prevention Education Act in the California Education Code.   

The following topics are available as individual classes/presentations or as a part of a larger workshop format.

Birth Control Methods or Contraception

Participants become familiar with the facts about all FDA approved birth control methods, including their effectiveness and correct application. Behavioral methods (e.g. abstinence) are also discussed.

Healthy Sexual Relationships 

Participants learn to assess the characteristics of healthy sexual relationships and learn skills to strengthen their relationships.

Participants learn about HIV/AIDS epidemiology, physiological effects and FDA approved treatment modalities, risk behaviors, and general prevention techniques including harm reduction.


Women in Midlife, as well as their partners, want to understand what is happening to their bodies and how to deal positively with this transitional period.  Planned Parenthood Shasta Pacific offers programs where women can talk and learn together in a safe, supportive atmosphere.  Participants will learn about:

  • Midlife-Transition and growth
  • Menopause-facts, fallacies and positive aspects
  • HRT (hormone replacement therapy) and alternatives
  • Hot flashes, mood swings
  • Osteoporosis-how to keep your bones strong
  • Sexuality at mid-life

Parent/Child Communication 

Participants learn basic facts about adolescent development, reproduction, puberty, peer pressure, and sexuality. Adults and youth identify messages that they have received about sexuality and develop skills to become more comfortable talking about sexuality.

Participants learn about healthy sexual expression, sexual orientation, gender roles and discuss sexuality throughout the lifespan.

Sexually Transmitted Infections

Participants learn about symptoms, epidemiology, testing and FDA approved treatments for sexually transmitted infections (STIs), as well as training about prevention strategies. 

Special Needs Clients

Our expert staff are also available to provide information to special needs students.  Participants learn how to talk about their disability, appropriate sexual expression, identification of sexual coercion and abuse, consent, advocacy and their rights.

Training for Teachers

Are you an educator who would like to develop increased comfort and confidence in teaching your students about health and sexuality?  Your school or district can arrange training classes with Planned Parenthood that will provide teachers with accurate, current information about sexual health, interactive activities for students that reinforce key concepts in health education, and exercises designed to help increase teachers' objectivity in presenting sensitive information.

Class/presentation length is variable and based upon the time available and/or the content desired. To request a class or presentation or get more information about PPSP programs, contact the Community Services and Education Department by phone at 925/676-0505 or  Most classes/presentations are low- or no-cost.




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