Parent-Child Communication

Parents are the primary sex educators of their children beginning with giving them messages of love, trust and respect from infancy onward.  When it comes down to the nitty-gritty of talking about bodies, reproduction and sexuality, though, many parents can use a little help.   That's where PPSP's Parent-Child Communication programs come in.

We can provide a variety of programs and workshops that will equip you and your child with facts and a shared experience you can use as the basis of an ongoing dialogue about growing up, sexuality, values and expectations.  The best way to help teens make responsible decisions, prevent teen pregnancy and the spread of sexually transmitted infections is a strong, caring family and accurate age-appropriate information.

Search our list of programs to find one that fits your needs, or contact us for an individual consultation or customized workshop.  For questions or scheduling a workshop contact Beth Zacovic,, or phone (925) 887-5327.

List of Programs

  • Parents of Young Children: How to Talk With Your Child About Sex
  • Parents and Pre-Teens: Preparation for Puberty
  • Parents and Young Teens: Teen Talk
  • Parents and Children with Developmental Disabilities
  • Family Consultations
  • Customized Workshops

    How to Talk With Your Child About Sex (Parents of Children from Birth Through Adolescence)

    What does it mean to be your child's primary sexuality educator?  This workshop for parents explores the basics of age appropriate communication about sex, finding "teachable moments", and becoming "askable".  Parents will learn about childhood sexual development from birth to adulthood. The workshop helps parents to examine some of the factors that can make talking about sex difficult, lets parents practice answering questions based on real life scenarios, and gives them information about resources that can aid communication.  For parents of children from birth through adolescence. (1 1/2 hours)

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    Preparation for Puberty (Preteens- Girls 9-12, Boys 10-13 and Parents) 

    Parents and children begin a dialogue in this workshop which will continue through adolescence.  Participants will learn about the physical changes that both boys and girls go through during puberty and will receive age-appropriate information about sex and sexuality.  Each workshop includes parent-child communication exercises, an explanation of male and female reproductive anatomy and how pregnancy occurs, the chance to ask anonymous questions, and a game which encourages the sharing of ideas and feelings.  Both parents and children receive take-home packets of information about puberty and a bibliography of educational materials. (3 1/2 hours)

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    Young Teen Workshop (Teens 13-16 and Parents) 

    Young teens and their parents explore their values about dating, risk taking, and sexual activities and discuss the physical and emotional consequences of sexual behavior. Participants also receive an overview of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) and how to prevent them, and a summary of types of birth control with an explanation of the risks and benefits of each method.  Study after study has shown that teens who are given complete information about STI's and birth control (including abstinence) are more likely to delay sexual activity and are more likely to be responsible about pregnancy and disease prevention when they do become sexually active. (4 hours)
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    Sexual Safety for People with Developmental Disabilities (Teens and Parents)

    We offer two, three and four-part curricula for groups of individuals with developmental disabilities.  The programs discuss anatomy and reproduction, public and private behavior, right and wrong touch, refusal skills and circles of relationships.  Programs can be scheduled in transition classes, group homes and day programs - in most cases the facilitator comes to you.  (length varies)  We additionally offer training regarding sexuality for caregivers, professionals and aides working with developmentally disabled individuals.

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    Family Consultations

    Sometimes family sexuality issues don't fit neatly into a workshop category.  For individualized help PPSP offers free, confidential consultations with a health educators either over the phone or by appointment at our Resource Center in Concord.

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    Customized Workshops

    Planned Parenthood health educators can work with you to develop a workshop tailored to the needs of your group.  Examples of customized workshops include; Spanish Language Programs, Spirituality and Sexuality, Older Teens and Responsible Choices and Sexual Safety for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities.

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