Margaret Sanger founded Planned Parenthood in 1916 when she was a nurse and midwife working in the slums of New York City. She was moved by the number of young girls who already had several children. The poverty stricken women of New York pleaded with Ms. Sanger to help them. Although it was illegal at that time, Ms. Sanger began the movement to bring contraception to the United States. To this day, Planned Parenthood works to reduce unintended pregnancies with the goal that "every child is a wanted child."

Planned Parenthood Shasta Pacific (PPSP) was also founded by family planning pioneers who first brought information about birth control and family planning to Contra Costa County in 1962.  Since then PPSP has grown into an organization that spans 13 counties in northern California.  Planned Parenthood Shasta Pacific is a non-profit organization and governed by a voluntary Board of Trustees.  The Executive Committee meets on a monthly basis and the full Board of Trustees meets quarterly to address policy, community involvement, and fiduciary issues. In 2004, PPSP provided direct health and counseling services through our 13 Health Centers to 56,956 women, men, and teens and education programs to an additional 42,534 individuals in Butte, Contra Costa, Napa, and Solano Counties.

PPSP has a strong commitment to providing high quality, affordable services to all individuals, regardless of ability to pay.  Education and outreach services are focused in the communities near PPSP Health Centers, which are strategically located to be accessible to low-income individuals and teens. More than 90% of PPSP clients have incomes under 200% of the federal poverty level, and may be unemployed, under-employed, or single parents who rely on government funds to subsidize their care.  For many, PPSP is their only source of health care.

Planned Parenthood's services are individualized and confidential.  The decision to be sexually active and to use birth control is personal and private.  We welcome all individuals regardless of race, ancestry, national origin, creed, religion, sexual orientation, disability, marital status, income, or age.

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