Understanding Obamacare: The New Health Care Law

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Letís talk about Health Insurance.
ACA means almost everyone will have to get health insurance. The law says you must have health insurance either through your employer, your family, or on your own by 2014 or youíll have to pay a fine on your taxes. The good news: starting October 1, 2013, new, more affordable, quality health insurance plans are available for you to enroll in.

Which Insurance Plan is right for you?
To help people look at their options and make the right decisions, each state has established a Health Insurance Exchange, or Marketplace. These operate like Expediaô or Kayakô, where you can explore various plans, benefits, and costs, and choose the one that meets your needs and budget. Trained navigators are available to help you understand the different health insurance plans and make the best choice for you.

The navigators will also look at your income and family size to determine if youíre eligible for assistance to help you pay for health insurance or if youíre eligible for Medicaid or other government programs.

The Exchanges and navigators are available in person, by phone (toll-free), and online. Navigators are also working in many local communities.

To find information most relevant to you, visit your stateís page:
New Mexico

Planned Parenthood is here to help
Whether you elect to get health insurance right away or not, you can still come to Planned Parenthood.

You might be wondering how youíre going to afford health insurance if you donít have it already. Under the law, millions of people will get financial help to buy a plan based on income, family size, and other personal circumstances. Some states have expanded eligibility for Medicaid to make it easier for more people to get health coverage through Medicaid or other government programs.

Donít worry, you donít have to choose your insurance plan alone. There will be help available online, on the phone or in person to help you find a plan that meets your needs and your budget.

If you decide to get coverage and you want to continue to receive services from Planned Parenthood, be sure to enroll in a plan that lists us as a covered provider, for a complete list of those plans, click here.


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