Send a Letter to the Editor

We encourage you to send a letter to your local newspaper expressing your thoughts, ideas, and convictions about any subject relating to Choice. Letters-to-the-editor are an easy and powerful way to get your voice heard and to show members of your community that you care about protecting reproductive freedom.



Make sure you include your contact info - Put your full first and last name, address, phone and/or fax numbers (day and evening) and your e-mail address at the top of the letter. Most publications will want to call the writer to confirm authenticity: (i.e. that you are using your correct name -- not a phony name -- and that you did in fact write the letter).

Cut to the chase - You don't need a long introduction to your subject. Focus on one or two key points and use short, punchy sentences, grouped in two or three paragraphs. 

Be yourself - Let your sense of humor and irony shine through, but be careful not to cross the line of good taste. If you have read a news story or feature article that relates to something you've experienced, respond by putting your own personal twist on the subject.

Try to work Planned Parenthood into your letter - This isnít a tip so much to help ensure your letter gets published as it is a way to make it easier for us to track your successes.

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