Emergency Contraception

We understand that accidents happen, thatís why we have Emergency Contraception (sometimes called EC or the Morning After Pill).

Each of our health centers offer emergency contraception during all business hoursĖNO APPOINTMENT IS NEEDED.  Please call 888.295.5403 or search online to find the health center nearest you.

How to Get Emergency Contraception (EC):

  • Please call 888.295.5403 or search online to find the health center nearest you.
  • Women and men ages 17 and older can get EC without a prescription.
  • Women under 17 can purchase EC after getting a prescription from a Planned Parenthood health center.
  • All women should keep emergency contraception in their medicine cabinets just in case, at Planned Parenthood you can pick up multiple packs of EC at once so you're always prepared.
  • The cost of EC is usually between $35 and $40.

Facts about EC:

  • EC is birth control you can use to prevent pregnancy up to five days (120 hours) after unprotected sex. 
  • EC does not protect against STDs. 
  • EC is safe and effective.
  • Available without a prescription for women and men ages 17 and older.
  • EC does not impact an existing pregnancy.

Recent FDA decision on EC:
While Tevaís Plan  B One-Step (a form of EC) was approved by the FDA for use by women 15 years of age and older with identification, it is not currently available due to a packaging and labeling change. Until the change is made, teens younger than 17 will continue to need a prescription for Plan B One-Step and all other brands of EC.

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