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Planned Parenthood’s team of trained educators serve as a source for safe, confidential, unbiased and accurate information about sex and sexuality.

We offer short and long-term programming. Each program is led and moderated by educators who are at the forefront of sexual health education.

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Short-Term Programs

Speakers Bureau
Our Speakers Bureau offers one hour educational presentations on basic sexual health knowledge such as anatomy, puberty, healthy relationships, refusal skills, abstinence, realities of teen pregnancy, contraception, and the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases. Participants gain crucial, medically accurate information on fundamental sexual health issues. Presentations can be scheduled individually, combined, or customized to meet participant needs.

Project Prevention
Project Prevention aims to prevent unplanned pregnancy and the spread of STDs among youth. One-on-one, individually tailored sexual health education sessions coupled with the provision of free or low cost reproductive and sexual health services educate and empower youth to make responsible, healthy choices. This program is open to young adults (male and female) under the age of 21 who do not have health insurance. Currently, the program is offered in the Denver Metro Area and applicants must apply.

Long-Term Programs

Draw the Line, Respect the Line
Draw the Line, Respect the Line is an age-appropriate curriculum for middle school youth with varying levels designed for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade. The program engages youth in identifying their interpersonal “comfort zones.” Draw the Line, Respect the Line is proven effective in encouraging youth to set boundaries, respect the personal boundaries of others, and empowering youth to make healthy, responsible decisions. The lessons incorporate games, role play, and other interactive methods to reinforce skills and knowledge.

All Together Now
All Together Now meets the needs of today’s youth ages 14-18 by providing necessary and accurate information on the importance of healthy and responsible sexuality. Participants who graduate from All Together Now demonstrate increased knowledge and skills around accessing reproductive health services and reducing sexual health risks.

Safer Choices
Safer Choices is a 14-session curriculum proven effective in impacting positive attitudes and behavioral change among high school youth. The program also increases participants’ knowledge about sexual health by incorporating interactive activities, medically accurate presentations, and lessons about reproductive anatomy, refusal skills, contraception use, disease prevention, and the implications of teen pregnancy and parenting.

Dollar-A-Day is a long-term incentive based program proven effective in helping and supporting high risk teenage girls, who have never been pregnant and want to remain pregnancy free and graduate from high school. Participants meet weekly with a peer support group led by professional sexual health facilitators. Youth gain sexual health knowledge, communications skills, and techniques to delay sexual activity and/or increase contraceptive and condom use.




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