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What is the best way to enlarge your penis?
Penis size is something that lots of guys worry about. Whatever the size someone's penis is is okay. ICYC doesn't recommend using anything that says it will make your penis bigger as they can damage your penis.

What if a girl gets hot sauce in her vagina?
It is not a good idea to put anything in the vagina that is not meant for the vagina. Putting food in the vagina can cause infection and hot sauce will probably burn!  

Why do girls have a period?
When a girl goes through puberty, she will start having periods. This means she can get pregnant. A period happens once a month and is when the uterus gets rid of its lining of blood and tissue.  

What is masturbation?
Masturbation is when someone touches their own body for pleasure. It is an abstinent behavior so you canít create a pregnancy or transmit STIs by masturbating. Some people masturbate and some donít. Itís up to you what you do!  

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