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What STIs are curable?
STIs caused by bacteria or a parasite can be cured with the right medicine. The most common examples are chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis and trich. If someone thinks they have an infection they should visit a clinic. Find a clinic near you at

If I have a foursome, can I get chlamydia?
If 1 person has an STI, they can pass it to others. If no partners have an STI, they canít create one between them. If youíre having sex with multiple partners, use a new condom with every partner.

Will HIV be transmitted by sharing food?
HIV is spread through semen, pre-cum, breast milk, blood, and vagina fluids. You can't transmit HIV by sharing food.

If a personís partner is their same gender, can they get an STD?
It doesn't matter what gender your partner is. If you're having any type of sex or skin-to-skin contact it is possible to get an STD.

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