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What is the best birth control?
Not having sex is the only 100 percent way to avoid pregnancy. There are many different kinds of birth control that work really well when used correctly. Visit a health center or for more info!

What is a dental dam?
A dental dam is a thin square of latex that can be used to block body fluids during oral sex on the vagina or anus (butt) & protects against STIs.

Is it true the right way to put on a condom is to pinch the tip?
Yes, pinching the tip will make a male condom less likely to break. To put condom on: place it on hard penis, pinch air out of the tip while unrolling the condom & roll it all the way down.

Are condoms and dental dams flavored?
Yes, male condoms & dental dams come in different favors! When used the right way, both are great at protecting against STIs during oral sex on the vagina, penis, or anus (butt).

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