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Do you have questions about your sexual health? Text ICYC! All texts are CONFIDENTIAL!

What is the average size of a penis? How do I know if I'm pregnant? What is masturbation?

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To text us, follow these instructions depending on where you live:

1. In Colorado, text ICYC to 57890.
    In Nevada, text PPLV to 57890. 
    In Wyoming, text PPWY to 57890.

2. You will receive a confirmation text and can then text in your questions whenever you have them!

3. You'll get a response to your questions within 24 hours.

What are you curious about? Ask ICYC questions about sex, your body, relationships, birth control, STIs, and more!
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If you disclose abuse, rape, incest, or neglect, your text may be reported to appropriate authorities.

ICYC cannot diagnose conditions or give personal medical advice in a text message, and our responses are never a substitute for seeing a doctor. If you need to go to a health center, find one here.

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