Give Stocks and Securities

Invest in us with a gift of stock
Your ability to support the mission of Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains may be greater than you think. By considering a gift of stock or other assets that have appreciated over time you not only help Planned Parenthood achieve its goals, but you also may reduce or possibly avoid, any capital gains tax on appreciated values.

Electronic transfer is the most secure and expedient delivery process available for making your gift.  Your broker will need the following information in order to initiate the electronic transfer:
                R.W. Baird A/C Number:                              4459-8231
                DTC#:                                                          0547
                Phone:                                                         303-270-6314

If you hold the physical securities please contact the development office, either by phone: 303.321.7526 or email, for assistance and instruction on how to deliver them as a gift.

PPRM recommends that you consult your own financial advisor who can best guide you on the most advantageous ways for you to support our mission.

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