What to bring with you


Bring this information to your confidential appointment. It is okay to bring photocopies of these documents, if you prefer.

If you are under 21 years old, and unsure about getting these documents, contact us to communicate with our Financial Assessment Representative. It's easier than you think. Email* with any questions.

*Your use of email to communicate protected health information indicates your acknowledgement and acceptance of the risks associated with sending sensitive personal information via standard email. It is our policy not to communicate any protected health information through e-mail or texting because it is not secure. Emailing and texting is equivalent to sending a postcard. The information can be seen by those other than whom it was intended for and there is no way to identify from where or whom it was sent or if it has been altered in any way.Therefore, we also advise you not to send any personal health information using e-mail or text messaging. Please call our Call Center at 1-866-600-6886 to set up an appointment or to have your questions answered.

For frequently asked questions on applying for the Family Planning Benefit Program, please visit this page.

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