Margaret Sanger Society

Members of the Margaret Sanger Society are extraordinary women and men who are giving a legacy to Planned Parenthood of the Rochester/Syracuse Region.

Here is a list of current members along with some of their personal statements.

Rachel Adonis
Rosemary Agonito, Ph.D. & Joseph Agonito
Mary F. Allen
Debra K. Araniti
Lydia P. Arnold
Jeannette Artini
Ellen Taylor Bacon
Ruth Connor Baltzer
Leonard and Lorraine Bayer
Dr. Dorothy J. & Dr. Leo. E* Beavers
Jeanne M & Walter* Beecher
Suzanne S. Bell
Ruth & Dr. William T.* Bradner
Nancy & Joe Briggs
Jim Brush
Lora Lee Buchta
Sonya and Carl Christensen
Jill M. Cicero
Malcolm & Beverly* Clark


"Our wills stipulate our estate will be divided between our children and an 'extra child,' our favorite charities, including Planned Parenthood of the Rochester/Syracuse Region. Each 'child' receives an equal portion of our estate. By adding an 'extra child,' we believe we leave behind a legacy of making the world a better place for society and our children."

Sarah Collins

"My gift of a designated portion of my IRA is based on the fundamental right of all women to have control of their bodies."

Clyde and Karen Glover Comstock
Audrey Cooper
Phyllis E. Creamer & John M. Kingston
Helen B. Crouch
Linda Wells Davey
Cynthia Louise Davis
Dick & Diane Dennison
Virginia S. Dewald
Julia G. Dietz
Colleen Donaldson
Dr. Fredrick Dushay
Madlyn H. Evans
Corinne Howard Farnham
Julian & Margie Fitch
Ruth H. Fitzgerald
Suressa & Richard H. Forbes
Donald A. Forsyth
Scott A. & Laureen Burke Forsyth
Diana E. Fox
Edgar & Eva Galson
Jean H. Ginkel
Newton & Sally Green
Jeanne & Emanuel* Hammer
Mary Louise Hartenstein
Bette Marie Heger
Dr. Alice S. Honig
Virginia A. Hoveman
Alan & Elizabeth Illig
Jack & Barbara Kraushaar
Charissa Kreager
Jane W. Labrum
Jay M. Land, Ph.D.
Jessie & Richard Lazeroff
Katherine Lewis
Sarah F. Liebschutz, Ph.D
Mary C. Lyon
Donna Manicone
Kathleen M. Martin
Patricia Megerle
Jane R. Merrill
Kathy & Ted Nixon
Katharine O’Connell
Marcia T. Olson
Robert A. & Dr. Naomi E.* Penney
Ruth C. Putter
Cassandra George Ramos
Rebecca Rauscher-Bethlendy
Joyce P. Regier 
Nancy Bentley Ridings
Robert E. & Patricia A.* Ross
Elaine N. Samuels
Dene A. Sarason
Robert S. Sarason
Mr. & Mrs. William H. Schaeffer
Madeline Roberts Short
Irene and Richard Sills 
Mrs. T.B. Steinhausen
Paulette Stewart-Johnson
Mary Lynn Vickers
Erik & Judy von Bucher
Anne Wallman
Peter & Betsy Webster
Barbara Blake Zuegel
Daan Zwick & Janis Dowd
Anonymous (8)

* Deceased

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