Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do volunteers "do" at Planned Parenthood?
A: Volunteers participate in a variety of volunteer roles at PPRSR.

Q: Where are volunteers most needed?
A: The greatest needs are in Rape Crisis Service, Clinic Escorts, and Advocacy efforts of various types.

Q: What are the requirements of your volunteers?
A: For each volunteer role, there are different requirements or skill areas needed. For more specifics go to the volunteer roles listing.

Q: Are volunteers allowed to "counsel" patients?
A: The only "counseling" role that we currently offer is with the Rape Crisis Service as volunteer advocates. These volunteers must successfully complete a rigorous 32-hour training program.

Q: Should I expect protestor activity at PPRSR?
A: We often do have protestor activity at a few of our PP sites. All staff, including volunteers, are discouraged from getting involved with verbal altercation. We strive to maintain a peaceful, welcoming environment that focuses on patient's care and assuring  a welcoming access.

Q: Will I be safe volunteering at PP?
A: At PPRSR we would not jeopardize the safety of our clients, visitors and staff. To assure this we have many preventive security protocols and operatives. We also have a close relationship with local law enforcement in each of our communities. Each volunteer would be instructed on these practices to ensure a safe working environment at PP.

Q: Are there any volunteer roles during nights or weekends?
A: The Rape Crisis volunteers are "on call" mostly evenings & weekends. Some special events take place during weekday evening hours.

Q: How do I apply to be a volunteer or student intern?
A: You can apply online using our Zoomerang survey, or download and complete a printed volunteer application or student intern application.

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