Tools for Educators

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Tools for Educators

Teaching about sex and sexuality can be challenging, but the benefits for your students make the challenge worth the effort.

To achieve the best results, we encourage you to implement a comprehensive sexuality education program.

Implementing Sex Education

We can help you get started on implementing sex education — whether your school or organization is ready to provide fully comprehensive sexuality education or you are only able to offer programs on a smaller scale.

Program Evaluation Tools

We also encourage you to evaluate your sex education programs when possible and have program evaluation tools to assist you.

Locate a Health Educator

Locate a Planned Parenthood health educator near you who can talk with you about the availability and possible cost of workshops, training for professionals, and resources in your area.


We have also gathered a variety of resources to help you in your efforts. (Planned Parenthood Federation of America has not necessarily reviewed or endorsed these resources.) As with any educational resource, some of these may not be appropriate for your community, setting, or purpose. Please review them to determine if they will be useful to you.


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