Special Funds

Gifts for Now and for the Future 

PPSO currently has two endowment funds, managed by the Oregon Community Foundation. Donors may add to these endowments with a gift of any size. With a gift of $50,000 or more, donors may establish a new named endowment to support the programs in which they are most interested.
Endowments are funds that preserve the principal while providing income from interest earned. The larger the principal, the greater the income for PPSO. By contributing to an endowment — or establishing one yourself — you are insuring the health of the agency for the long term. Learn more about our Education Endowment and Public Affairs Endowment, or learn how to create a named endowment by contacting Doris Towery at 541-246-1012 or

Education Endowment
PPSO’s education department provides comprehensive sex education programs throughout our service area — offering medically accurate, age-appropriate presentations in schools and alternative educational setting as well as providing training to parents and professionals who rely on Planned Parenthood’s expertise in sexual health to help them communicate with young people.

Gifts to the Education Endowment will help PPSO continue to provide these vital programs to children, teachers, parents, clergy, health professionals, youth-serving agencies, and others concerned with the health and well-being of youth. Donate now to the Education Endowment.


Public Affairs Endowment
PPAO, a statewide 501(C)4, is responsible for maintaining Oregon’s status as one of only six states that fully protects a woman’s right to choose. Our stellar team of professional organizers does this by continually recruiting and training new activists whose support is vital for influencing public policy at both the state and national level.

Gifts to the Public Affairs Endowment will help PPSO continue our highly successful advocacy efforts and reach the maximum number of supporters within our service area. Donate now to the Public Affairs Endowment.


Addressing Immediate Needs
Additionally, PPSO has specific-need funds to which donors can direct their gifts for immediate needs. Gifts to these funds are expended in their entirety in the year in which they are given and assist several hundred low-income clients each year in obtaining needed services.

Operations Fund
We could not provide services to our patients if we did not have the administrative and finance staff ensuring that bills get paid, insurance is collected, information systems are kept operational, ten sites are supported, and funds are raised. We praise ourselves for having significantly lower administrative and fundraising ratios than the PPFA standards for affiliates. A gift to the Operations Fund will help PPSO maintain a high quality of administrative support for its important programs. Donate now to the Public Affairs Endowment.

Abortion Access Fund
The Abortion Access Fund helps make choice a reality for women who have made the decision to have an abortion but lack the resources to afford the procedure. The Fund was started in the mid-1990s by Planned Parenthood staff who saw an ongoing need for monetary support for women who are seeking an abortion but lack financial resources. Donate now to the Abortion Access Fund.
Vasectomy Fund
Through our Vasectomy Fund and Title X (Federal) funding we make it possible for men who cannot afford a vasectomy to receive this procedure from doctors in the community who partner with us on this project. The Vasectomy Fund and Title X provide up to $300 toward the cost of the service. Our generous participating physicians then donate the balance of the costs (the procedure typically costs more than $600). Donate now to the Vasectomy Fund.
Medication Subsidy Fund
Often the cost of medication to treat sexually transmitted infections becomes a barrier that keeps a woman from managing her reproductive health. Having encountered this barrier on a day-to-day basis, PPSO clinic staff launched the Medication Subsidy Fund to provide funding for women in need of treatment, and this fund is now supplemented by generous gifts from individual donors. Donate now to the Medication Subsidy Fund.

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