Resources and Cool Links

Check out these links for honest, realistic information about sexuality and  growing up, and how to get active:
  • - Provides  accurate information for teens on many different areas of healthy sexuality,  in a fun and friendly format.
  • - A  website and free newsletter produced for teens by teens. Writers take on  all different angles of preventing pregnancy and disease transmission.
  • - Sex  education for the real world. Offers information and tools for communication  with parents and partners.
  • - Coalition  for Positive Sexuality gives teens honest information that they need to  make responsible decisions  about sex and supports  them in  advocating for honest sex education.
  • - Sponsored  by the American Social Health Association, this site offers information  on various topics having to do  with healthy sexuality.
  • - Supports youth in becoming change makers by providing  young people and  adults the tools needed  for meaningful  partnerships in the community.
  • - Do  Something supports and encourages young people to make change in the world  by “doing  something.” This website provides  tools, resources and ideas on how to put ideas into action.
  • - This  site offers great links to resources that deal with many facets of sexuality.  MTV thinks sexual health is so important  that it offers funding for young people to start projects of their own to help promote a positive sexual health message.
  • - Encourages  young people to fulfill their dreams and make a lasting impact on their  school and community.
  • - Youth  Infusion is an organization, created and run by young people, that works  to support youth as decision-makers,  advocates  and community change-agents.

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