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Despite their best intentions, many parents and caregivers struggle with starting the conversation with their children about sex. But the importance of family communication about sexuality cannot be overemphasized.

Parents have an essential role and opportunity to share accurate information about sexual issues — along with beliefs and values. In fact, you are your child’s primary sex educator.
Research indicates that a number of factors are key to effective communication: a strong and close parent/child relationship, clear expectations, and frequent honest conversation about sexual information, beliefs and values. It’s never too early — or too late — to begin supporting positive and healthy sexual attitudes and behaviors in your children.
To assist parents and caregivers in starting and continuing the conversation, PPSO offers numerous resources that provide informational tips and help build communication skills:
Parent Workshops
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Parent Workshops
Oh No! What Do I Do Now?! Being an “Askable” Parent
Children’s natural questions, behaviors and curiosities around sexuality often create some of life’s awkward moments for parents. While challenging, these special opportunities invite parents to share personal values and beliefs as well as age- and experience-appropriate information with their children.
Developed & presented by Mary Gossart, PPSO’s Vice President of Education & Training, “OH NO! WHAT DO I DO NOW? is readily adaptable for parents, grandparents and others — and addresses sexuality issues specific to preschoolers, high schoolers and everything in between! 
This program is designed to help parents other caregivers to feel more comfortable, confident, and competent responding to these issues.
Participants will:
  • investigate ways in which children — from birth — are developing sexual attitudes, values and feelings;
  • examine personal concerns and ideas about handling their children’s sexual curiosity;
  • learn strategies for responding in age- and experience-appropriate ways to children’s sexual questions and behaviors;
  • gain valuable information, skills and resources;
Contact us to learn more about scheduling a Parent Workshop (available only in southwestern Oregon).

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There’s No Place Like Home for Sex Education
There’s No Place Like Home for Sex Education is a widely acclaimed parent guide that helps parents share accurate, age-appropriate information about sex with their children — from pre-school to high school. This resource is available in English and Spanish. It has also been adapted for use within Native American families.
Coming Soon: There's No Place Like Home for Sex Education is currently in the process of being updated, and we expect the revised English version to be available for purchase in late December, 2014. In the meantime, please visit to view the Web version of There’s No Place Like Home for Sex Education, or download a pdf of the English, Spanish or Native American versions.

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