Implanon  — effective in preventing pregnancy for 3 years

Planned Parenthood is pleased to have another birth control method to offer our female clients. Implanon, made by Organon, is a single-rod progestin-only silicone implant inserted just under the skin in the arm and is highly effective in preventing pregnancy for three years.

The insertion and removal procedures are quick and easy. For women wanting long-term contraception without having to take a pill daily or change a patch or ring at periodic intervals it will be a good contraceptive alternative.

Both Family Planning Expansion Project (FPEP) and Oregon Health Plan are covering the device. Private insurance varies in its coverage for any birth control method or device, however. Be sure to check the particulars of what your plan will cover.  To get Implanon at your local Planned Parenthood health center, you'll need to make an appointment.

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