9th Annual Pledge-a-Picket campaign
In Memory of Chanell Moore Harrell*

Send a message to protesters who harass and intimidate our patients and staff outside our Health Centers!

Pledge-a-Picket and raise your voice against theirs!

You pledge an amount for each protester (minimum 10¢). Every day this spring, from May 1 through June 30, PPSP will count the number of protesters who show up on our sidewalks at our Locust Street, West Chester, Norristown and Far Northeast Health Centers. We will place a large sign at the 4 health centers to track pledges and make protesters fully aware that their actions are benefiting PPSP. At the end of the two-month Campaign, we will update all Pledge-A-Picket donors on protest activities, along with a pledge reminder.

Here’s an example…
If you pledge 30¢ per protester, and 100 protesters show up to harass our patients and staff in May and 160 show up in June, your donation would be $78 for the entire two-month campaign. Similar to sponsoring a runner in a charity marathon, your pledge total can be capped at a pre-set amount, if desired.

Sign-up online at Questions? Contact us at

* Chanell Moore Harrell was a long-term PPSP staff member whose untimely death in 2005 saddened us all. Chanell faced many picketers while at PPSP and handled them with grace and humor. We conduct this Pledge-a-Picket Campaign in her memory.



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