A Young Woman's Perspective on Planned Parenthood

During my interview, I was asked what I hoped to gain from an internship with Planned Parenthood. Having read many “how to” guides my senior year of college, I knew the answer was important. Instead of following the guides, I went with my heart: I wanted to know that in some way I helped better the lives of women in our community.

During my internship I created presentations for the public about the work that Planned Parenthood does and how it affects not just women, but families and communities as well. I made phone calls to rally support for our cause and attended special events which culminated with our Legislative Luncheon. We met with elected officials, who told supporters that they needed our help in the battle against extremists and the well-funded anti-choice organizations.   Weeks later, after an outpouring of phone calls, e-mails, letters, and texts we won a major battle, Governor Crist Vetoed HB 1143.

My experiences have served as a wonderful reminder that no matter how big the obstacle, you never quit. The small jobs, the phone calls and e-mails, make the difference. No action is too small, and no action is not an option. My generation faces an uphill battle to maintain the rights which many take for granted. With your leadership as an example, and the knowledge I gained from Planned Parenthood, I hope to move forward to be a champion for women's rights.

- Rachel Wacks, Spring 2010 Intern.

Apply for an internship today! We have opportunities for a Community Organizer Intern and a Public Affairs Intern. A complete internship application will include a cover letter explaining why you are pro-choice and want to work for Planned Parenthood, a current resume, and one to two professional or academic recommendations (optional but highly recommended).

Please email applications to For more information please call 561-472-9941.

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