Teens Seeking Abortion Services

Planned Parenthood of South Florida and the Treasure Coast currently offers Medication Abortion (Abortion Pill) at select health centers. The information that follows can help guide you through the process and what to expect.


If you decide to have an abortion and are under 18 years of age, Florida has a parental notification law that requires the health care provider to tell your parent or legal guardian 48 hours (2 days) before you have an abortion unless it does not apply to you (see below, "Exemptions from Parental Notification"). We encourage you to talk to your parent/guardian about your decision. Both of you will need to bring identification (see below, "Acceptable Forms of ID & Approved Documents"), and your parent/guardian must sign a form saying that he or she knows you are going to have an abortion.

What If I Cannot Tell My Parent/Legal Guardian?

While we encourage you to discuss this decision with your parent/guardian, we understand not every teen can. If you cannot bring your parent/guardian with you to the health center, then you will need to bring in a Judicial Bypass Waiver at the time of your appointment. For information on getting a judicial bypass, see the bottom of this page for county courthouse contact information.

Exemptions from Parental Notification

In a few situations, the law concerning parental notification does not apply. See below, "Acceptable Forms of ID & Approved Documents," for the documents required. You DO NOT need parental notification if:

  • You are married or divorced
  • You have a minor child dependent on you
  • A medical emergency exists and there is not enough time to comply with the notification requirements
  • You get a court order to bypass (or "waive") the parental notification requirement


On the day of your appointment, you will fill out paperwork; have lab work done; and meet with an educator.  The educator will    discuss your options with you, as well as, the entire abortion process, after-care instructions, birth control options and to address any of your concerns. Generally your appointment will last 2-3 hours.

Acceptable Forms of ID & Approved Documents

The documents listed below are acceptable forms of identification to verify the following for the teen obtaining the abortion and the parent/guardian:

Teens must prove their age by bringing one of the following: a state issued photo ID; driverís license; passport, green card or certificate of naturalization; or school ID with birth certificate.

If you are exempt from parental notification, other documents will be required:

If married or divorced: you must bring a state issued marriage license or divorce certificate.

If you have a dependent child: you must bring the child's birth certificate.

If you have a judicial bypass: you must bring an official copy or the original bypass.

Parents must verify their identity by providing:

  • Photo ID* with name**
  • Your childís birth certificate

Legal Guardians must verify their identity by providing:

  • A certified Letter of Guardianship from the state
  • Photo ID* with name matching guardianship papers
  • Your childís birth certificate

* This can be a state issued ID; driverís license; passport, green card or certificate of naturalization.

** If last name is different than childís, then provide proof for difference in name (i.e. marriage certificate or other state issued document showing name change)


After your visit, you may need to follow up with your provider.  This visit may include an ultrasound, blood test or other follow-up work.


The fees for services include:

  • Medication
  • Pregnancy Testing and Ultrasound
  • Follow-Up Exam and Ultrasound
  • 24 Hour On-Call Nurse
  • Options Education
  • Lab Work

Additional Fees:

  • Blood Type: Women who have a negative blood type will need an injection of Rhogam.  There is a charge for this injection.
  • Medications: Patients will be prescribed medications to assist them after the abortion process.  They are available in generic form and are available for a nominal price at the pharmacy.

Judicial Bypass Contact Information

Below, you will find contact information for the relevant court offices at county courthouses in our service area:

Palm Beach County Courthouse
Juvenile Department, Rm 3.22, 3rd Floor
205 North Dixie Highway
West Palm Beach, Fl

Martin County Courthouse
Juvenile Department, 2nd Floor
100 SE Ocean Boulevard
Stuart, Fl

Indian River Courthouse*
1st Floor
2000 16th Avenue
Vero Beach, Fl

Broward County Courthouse
Rm 444
201 SE 6th Street
Fort Lauderdale, Fl

Miami-Dade County Courthouse*
Juvenile Court
3300 N.W. 27 Ave. Rm. 100
Miami, Fl

*You must reside in the county in order to receive the judicial bypass from this courthouse

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