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In our health centers, on the streets, and on Capitol Hill, Planned Parenthood is at the forefront of the reproductive health and rights movement. We work hard to make sure our movement for reproductive freedom for all is sustained, vibrant & relentless!

2013 Legislative Session

This year, the Florida Legislature had a historic opportunity to expand health care coverage to 1.2 million uninsured Floridians. Expanding access to health care across the state would have expanded access to family planning services including birth control. The federal government would have financed health care coverage expansion in Florida with $51 billion over ten years. This money would cover 100 percent of the cost of expansion through 2016 and no less than 90 percent of the costs on a permanent basis starting in 2017.

Despite this historic opportunity to expand access to health care to more than a million Floridians, there were still legislators who chose to focus instead on introducing bills that would have restricted women’s access to reproductive health care. This session, legislators introduced eight bills (four in each chamber) that once again focused making it harder for women to access essential reproductive health services.

Some of these bills were the most extreme in the nation — many lacking exceptions for women who face threats to their health as a result of pregnancy, or are victims of rape or incest — despite the fact that nearly two million women in Florida are uninsured and nearly as many are in need of contraceptive services and supplies.

Thankfully, with your support, we defeated or amended all eight pieces of legislation that attempted to restrict women’s access to health care. Below are the bills that Planned Parenthood, working in conjunction with our allies and supporters, amended or defeated during Florida’s 2013 Legislative Session.

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