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PPSNE offers many resources for educators to enhance their programs, including birth control kits, the Lindy Pelvic Model, and more.  Visit our online store

Other resources available through PPSNE are:

The Empathy Belly
The Empathy Belly is a pregnancy simulator, designed to enhance awareness of many of the physical realities of late-term pregnancy. Originally designed for use in classes for expectant fathers, the Empathy Belly has proved to be an amusing and effective teaching tool to reduce the "romance" of pregnancy among teenagers. The Belly is used with both males and females. Along with the laughter that results, students gain important insight into what it feels like to be pregnant.

PPSNE makes the Empathy Belly available for loan––generally by the week––to schools or other agencies working with young people. Because a short training in its proper use is required, the Empathy Belly must be picked up by the individual who plans to use it.

For more information, or to arrange to borrow the Empathy Belly, call (203) 865-5158 or email us at


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