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Planned Parenthood of Southern New England is proud to be known as "The Source" for medically accurate information, education and training on sexuality and sexual health topics. PPSNE has a diverse and expert staff that provides culturally competent education, training and resources to provide the information and support that young people need to make well-informed, positive decisions about their sexuality and sexual health.


teen talk Teens have to make a lot of tough choices. Sometimes, it helps to talk things out. PPSNE is here for teens with Teen Talk, a multi-session program that ties education to health services for high-school aged youth.


teen talk It's hard for young people to get clear and accurate information on sex, sexuality, reproductive health and STIs. PPSNE's peer education program, Students Teaching About Responsible Sexuality, addresses this critical issue by recruiting and training young people to provide information and resources to their peers.


teen talk Professional Development
PPSNE offers a wide variety of professional development opportunities, with dynamic, cutting-edge and highly interactive in-service programs. Each can be customized to fit the needs of your audience or organization


shopping cart Teaching Tools and Online Store
PPSNE offers many resources for educators to enhance their programs, including birth control kits, the Lindy Pelvic Model, and more. We also offer the Empathy Belly, a pregnancy simulator designed to enhance awareness of many of the physical realities of late-term pregnancy.


Special Programs
PPSNE offers bilingual educational programs and special programs for people with developmental disabilities, Contact us online for more information or call 203-865-5158 to speak with our education specialists.


For more information on any of our programs, please contact the Education & Training department at 203-865-5158 or

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