Community Education

PPSNE's staff of experienced sexuality educators provide educational programs on sexual health and topics important to teens. These affordable, interactive, age-appropriate programs are provided directly to adolescents in a variety of community settings throughout the state, such as schools, church groups, and community-based organizations. PPSNE offers high-quality community education programs that are sure to fit your needs as well as your budget!

Bring a program to the youth you work with by contacting:

  • Hartford Area: 203-988-5328

  • Other Connecticut Communities: 203-865-5158

  • Rhode Island: 401-421-7820 x3126

Some of the topics we cover include:
Abstinence-based Sexuality Education 
Adolescent Risk Reduction/Behavior Change
Centers for Disease Control recommended programs (such as "Reducing the Risk" and "Making Proud Choices" ) 
Communicating Effectively with Adolescents
College/ University Residential Life Staff Training 
Contraception Education 
Dating and Relationships
HIV/AIDS Prevention Education
Parent/Child Communication
Peer Education Training
Postponing Sexual Involvement
Puberty Education
Reproductive Anatomy 
Reproductive Choice 
Safer Sex 
Sexual Decision Making
Sexual Harassment
Sexual Orientation
Sexual Orientation and Homophobia
Sexuality Education for Persons with  Developmental Disabilities
Sexuality Issues for Today's Adolescents
Sexually Transmitted Infections: Medical Update and Teaching Strategies
Teaching About Tolerance
Teaching Teens About Healthy and Unhealthy Relationships
Teen Pregnancy Prevention
Teen Rights
"Unequal Partners": Age and Power Factors in Teen Relationships

For more information about our Community Education Services, email us at

Please include your name, organization, city, telephone number and how you prefer to be contacted.  Please be aware that although we do our best to contact you in a timely manner, it may take a few business days for a response.  Your email request is for information only and should not be considered a confirmation for a program.

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