Who We Are

Our mission is to ensure that every child is a wanted child and to protect reproductive health by providing comprehensive, medically-accurate sex education and quality health care, while advocating for the reproductive rights of women, men and families.

We Believe:   in trusting individuals and providing them with the information they need to make well informed decisions about sexuality, family planning and childbearing.
  in the right to sexual and reproductive self-determination that is non-coercive, non-exploitive, and responsible.
 that children flourish best in families and communities where they are nurtured, honored, and loved.
  in passion - for change, for justice, for easing the plight of others, for caring, for living our convictions, and for confronting inhumane acts.
  in action - to make things happen and to improve people's lives and circumstances.
  in inclusion and diversity - and the power and knowledge they confer.
 in acting courageously, especially as allies with those who have little or no voice and little or no power.

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