Teen Success

Teen Success is a year-long weekly support group that empowers teen mothers to maintain their current family size, finish school, and plan positive futures for themselves and their children. Emphasis is placed on communication, education, skills development, and problem solving to give teen mothers the guidance and encouragement they need to set goals and realize their dreams.

Educational achievement is a major focus of Teen Success. The program supports teen mothers as they enter or remain in school. Field trips to local colleges and universities, campus links to childcare, and information on grants and loans are provided in an effort to encourage further education. Topics such as financial planning, career options, as well as sexual health and parenting responsibilities are also a focus of the program.

Group support and guidance, along with a strong link to family planning resources and services, provide teen mothers with the opportunity to make healthy and informed decisions.

For more information, call (805) 963-2445 ext. 1725.

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