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Roe v. Wade Anniversary

Commemorating 41 Years of Reproductive Justice

Join us in commemorating the 41st Anniversary of Roe v. Wade by signing on to our annual advertisements in local newspapers and attending local events.

Roe v. Wade Advertisements

Women voters across the nation heard those threats and, on election day, sent a powerful and clear message to politicians — do not interfere in our personal medical decisions.  Candidates who tried to redefine some rapes as “legitimate” or “forcible”; suggested a woman can “shut her reproductive system down” during a rape; or who threatened to defund Planned Parenthood, were defeated! However, some politicians ignored the message.  Days after the election state lawmakers in Ohio had the audacity to introduce two dangerous bills that together would have created the most extreme abortion ban in the  country. 

Efforts to restrict abortion rights are ongoing in the United States Congress and in state legislatures around the nation.  The number of states hostile to abortion rights has grown to 26 since Roe.  The Guttmacher Institute reports more than half of women of reproductive age live in these hostile states.  New generations of women face growing restrictions on abortion that harm their health and safety.

As the pro-choice majority, we must be unyielding in our efforts to defeat any attempt to put women’s lives at risk.

Sign on to the Roe v. Wade Anniversary newspaper advertisement.

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